Trisha Hautéa seeks to make a social impact through education and work toward education accessible to all. Trisha is an educator, activist, and artist born + based in New York City. She utilizes her multidisciplinary background in fine arts, environmental studies, and political science; influencing much of her work as an advocate for educational accessibility, art education, & social justice. In her spare time, Trisha works with a colleague to close the diversity gap in children's books, especially for Asian children (read more about Little Ning Books here) featured on multiple media outlets.


Trisha holds both a BFA and MAT from Tufts University & MBA (Fall 2016 cohort) from the new online platform, Smartly. She previously worked for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) & the Personal Genetics Education Project of Harvard Medical School (HMS)'s Dept. of Genetics under the Wu Lab and is an affiliate of the institutions. ​